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The Marcoin concept is to replace traditional marketing efforts such as loyalty and reward points with coins that customers may use right now or save in their wallets for future price rises or exchange with other cryptocurrencies. Marcoins native cryptocurrency will be utilised by retailers to replace traditional marketing tactics such as points, discounts, and free things. This project depends on transferring traditional marketing and sales promotion to the crypto and NFT world.


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Second Release

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Token Distribution

Token Contract Address [Binance Smart Chain]: 0x10615F27D0D8faD38968dD80Db060566502AEAA6

Pre ICO Structure
Minimum Purchase: 100,000,000 MARCO
Maximum Purchase: No Limit
Bonus: Every 100,000,000 MARCO Purchased = 10,000,0000 MARCO Bonus
Total Sale Amount: MARCO Start Date: 20/1/2022
ICO Structure
Minimum Purchase: 1 MARCO
Maximum Purchase: No Limit
Bonus: No Bonus
Total Sale Amount: MARCO Start Date: 1/4/2022
  • Token Name MARCOINS
  • Token Symbol MARCO
  • Decimals 18
  • Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000 MARCO
  • Blockchain Binance Smart Chain BEP20

Token Allocation

Token Allocation Chart

Road Map

With help from our team, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Q1 2022
Jan - Mar
  • * Smart Contract, Create Token, Branding, Logo, Name
  • * Releasing Whitepape
  • * Launching Social Networks
  • * Launching an Official Websit
  • * ICO Launchpad Developmen
Q2 2022
Apr - Jun
  • * Early Private investors
  • * Pre-ICO development
  • * ICO Launchpad release
  • * ICO event for the public
Q3 2022
Jul - Sep
  • * Company Established
  • * Team Expand
  • * Ecosystem Design
Q4 2022
Oct - Dec
  • * Marcoins apps developed include retailers, customers, and marcoins NFTs world
Q1 2023
Jan - Mar
  • * Marketing Marcoins for Big retailers to join Marcoins Ecosystem
Q2 2023
Apr - Jun
  • * Marketing Marcoins for end-users and soft launch
Q3 2023
Jul - Sep
  • * Full power launch marcoins ecosystems
  • * Expand the retailers to join us
Q4 2023
Oct - Dec
  • * R&D for more improvements and plugin products for Marcoins ecosystem
Q1 - Q4 2024
Jan - Dec
  • * Will be updated
Meet The Team

Executive team

The MARCOINS Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Eng. Marwan Zamkah
Founder & CEO
System Analysis & Smart Contract
Eng. Mohammed Araby
Developer & Machine Learning

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of MARCOINS [MARCO] Project. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below or send direct mail to us.

For retail apps or websites create digital smart contracts which allow you to choose the number of coins to reward Marcoins based on particular sales values. Retailers are allocated a set amount of Marcoins based on their volume and promotional activity.

To prepare the process technical programmers of retailers will add the smart contract and consumer wallets gateway link. Customers will receive Marcoins by linking their digital wallets, such as MetaMask, Trust, or any other wallet. Customers might use the Marcoins cryptocurrency to replace cash or trade it for other cryptocurrencies.

Retailer Platform

Processes, partnerships with suppliers, store layout, customers, and countless other components of enterprises make up the retailer platform. A platform that emerges 15 years into a company's life cycle was almost definitely not planned but rather arose as the company grew. Retailer platforms contain both Marcoins cryptocurrency and NFTs retailer collection of funs. In this platform retailers can buy Marcoins by using this Marcoins retailers can connect with their different wallets. Retailers include coffee shops, restaurants, groceries, fashion shops, etc. Retailers will purchase Marcoins and then use it to reward customers. The retailer can also give NFTs gifts or Marcoins as gifts to customers for promotions.

Customer Platform

A customer platform is designed for the marketing. It gathers and combines first-party consumer data from a variety of sources to create a single, cohesive, and comprehensive view of each client. Marketers can then use that information to develop targeted and customized marketing efforts. From various stores, customers can get Marcoins or nuts which provide features such as send, receive, and swap for Marcoins cryptocurrency. Customers can get a reward in Marcoins and NFTs by carrying out normal shopping at any available grocery stores. All the gifted Marcoins transfer to the customer private wallet and cash to your bank account.

Marcoins NFTs World Platform

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique unit of data that uses technology to log and authenticate digital content, such as films, songs, and photographs, on cryptocurrency blockchains, primarily Ethereum. Unlike cryptocurrency, which requires all tokens to be identical, each NFT is unique or limited in quantity. To simplify, in each blockchain, all tokens are equal and interchangeable. NFTs' key advantages are inextricably linked to everything that distributed ledger technologies (DLT) has delivered in recent years. Blockchain technology ensures the legitimacy of NFTs and direct payments to content creators. Retailers leave their funs to send NFTS and thank them with Marcoins cryptocurrency or special offers according to on each retailer. From the perspective of an outside retailer, NFTs appear to be a very individualized manner of shopping, in contrast to shopping in a physical store. When an independent seller sells an NFT, for example, it is a distinct digital asset (it is non-fungible), yet when a huge retailer sells an item in a shop or online, it is usually not as distinct because it lacks any original value (it is fungible). There are three kinds in the Retailers NFTs collection.


Customers can use cryptocurrencies to buy virtual goods, such as NFT artwork and digital skins, on Coinbase's website. The retailer is working on allowing customers to pay with cryptocurrencies in-store.
Customers can transfer NFTs that represent the retailer's brands, items, inside-store arts work, and marketing work.
So many commercial brands are seeing the value in repurposing assets they already own and sharing them with fans via NFTs right now.

Retailers Future Brand NFTs

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are now one of the most popular marketing trends, and they are expected to become a prominent participant in the trillion-dollar marketing business by 2022.
Customers can transfer the NFTS to express their future expectations of the retailer's brand, where they can imagine future products, services, and so on.
More firms will utilize NFTs to develop brand loyalty in 2022 by providing fans with special discounts and promotions that aren't available through traditional distribution methods.

Retailers FreeStyle NFTs

Customers can transfer their free-style NFTs to the collections of fun businesses.
NFT contain anything digital including drawings, animated GIFs, songs, or items. A retailer can use it to sell NFT

- Private Sale

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- Retailers Sales

If you are one of our target retailer contact us through our business email: [email protected]

- Public Sale

If you are interested in our token Marcoins you can liquidity through panacakeswap with buy link enjoy the first lead


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Invest As An Individual or Company
Buy Via Bank Transfer

Bank transfer purchases are at $0.01/MARCO
Minimum investment: $5,000
+5% staking interest compared to normal investors